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AISATS is an AI-powered English speaking assessment
and test creation platform, adopted worldwide.

AISATS is an AI-powered English speaking assessment and test creation platform, adopted worldwide.

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AISATS Service Introduction

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Examination Process

AISATS vs. Traditional Speaking Tests

Traditional Speaking Tests

Reducing Time and Costs

AISATS’s virtual interviewer evaluates candidates quickly and accurately. This significantly reduces costs, allowing businesses and educational institutions to focus more efficiently on their core operations and educational activities.

No Need for Interviewers

AISATS automatically dispatches an AI-based interviewer who can speak practical English on your behalf. This alleviates the need of a skilled interviewer, making tests and administration simple and efficient.

No Need to Schedule Interviews

Candidates can take the test on their own, anytime, anywhere. This flexibility allows for easier administration for you and less stress for the test taker.

Fair Evaluations

AI technology reduces the evaluation bias that a human evaluator would have towards a test taker. Your test results become more reliable, enabling more efficient decision-making in educational policies and talent acquisition.

Creating a test is easy.

Step 1

Select an existing test

Simply choose a test from our extensive question library that fits the examinee’s abilities and needs.

You can create original custom questions tailored to the level of the test-taker and/or your own curriculum. You can then assess the candidate’s language skills as well as specific domain knowledge simultaneously.

Sharing the test is easy.

Step 2

Test Distribution

Delivering tests to examinees is very simple. You can either directly invite them by entering their email addresses or obtain a specific URL for each test and send it to the examinees via email or other means. Examinees can take the test anytime, anywhere.

Just answer the AI virtual interviewer.

Step 3

Taking the Test

Just respond to the questions from the virtual interviewer. AI instantly evaluates everything from simple read-aloud questions, picture description tasks, to free-response format questions. Since it’s taken on a browser, there’s no need to install any apps.

Evaluating with AI is easy

Step 4

AI Evaluation Report

Our AI-engine provides forecasts of test takers’ scores on well-known exams like TOEIC(R), and TOEFL(R) with an accuracy equivalent to human interviewers. In addition to a comprehensive evaluation, we offer detailed assessments in four categories: “Overall Rating,” “Pronunciation,” “Fluency,” and “Task Achievement”. Immediate feedback is also given on fluency and pronunciation errors for each question. By leveraging AI, we eliminate subjectivity and personal bias, ensuring consistent and fair evaluation.

AI Evaluation Feedback

Official English Test Score Forecast

Accurately forecasts test takers’ scores on well-known exams and rubrics like CEFR, TOEIC(R), TOEFL(R), IELTS(R).

Speaking Skill Detailed Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation on “pronunciation”, “fluency”, and “task achievement” from your test questions.

Fluency Improvement Feedback

Fluency is assessed based on the number of words per minute and (bad) pauses. Helps improve towards smooth conversation skills.

Replay To Improve Pronunciation​

AI voice analysis of pronunciation by phoneme. You can replay your own audio test to improve your level.

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Peter Lackner

Spectrum Consulting Japan G.K.

Using AISATS technology to run the video interview system on JobsinJapan.com has been a real game-changer for both the employers and job seekers using our jobsite.

For the employer, this helped streamline the hiring process, get a feel for the job candidates right away, and allow them to consider more applicants accurately in a shorter time. Fantastic reviews from our employers.  My favorite benefit of the speech assessments is that it greatly removes bias and discrimination (name, nationality) allowing for the most qualified applicants to get the advantage that they deserve. Until now, the English level stated on a job applicant's Resume/CV was a "self assessment" and often greatly exaggerated.  Now, the employer has data to support the applicant's fluence before taking the time to have a live interview. 
For the job seeker, especially the highly fluent, non-native English speakers, these video interviews with English fluency assessments allowed them to be seen by more potential employers in a shorter period of time. As the employers had reviewed the video interview, candidates were essentially starting the interview process from the second interview.   
Both sides save time and make better-informed hiring decisions. The pre-interview language assessments, using AISATS technology, are changing the way companies hire in Japan.
Allen Quesada-Pacheco

Dr. Allen Quesada-Pacheco

Director School of Modern Languages University of Costa Rica

"At the University of Costa Rica (UCR), We have been using the platform for almost a year. It is a highly reliable and accurate language tool for assessing the English language proficiency of our EFL students in Costa Rica and other countries in the area such as Panama, and Colombia in South America.”

"From all language tests available in the market, this AI-driven English Speaking platform has been the most adaptable and user-friendly platform for creating and administering localized English language tests for ESL/EFL learners from diverse locations.”

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